Challenging Art: An Interview with Italian Artist, Biancoshock

Biancoshock, Fiona Cashell


Milan-based socially engaged artist, Biancoshock (a pseudonym the artist prefers to use), was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to answer some questions for SAH Journal. We wanted to know more about his diverse, and often provocative urban art projects; as well his time spent travelling and creating in different parts of the world. So far in his career, Biancoshock has realised more than 800 “interventions” on the streets of Italy, Albania, Belgium, Croatia, France, England, Malaysia, Malta, Norway and Singapore, to name but a few. While he exhibits widely, he has also participated in numerous urban art festivals (Citileaks, Memorie Urbane, Stencibility). In 2014, he presented his work at TEDx Oporto, Portugal.1Biancoshock places social activism high on his list of priorities, using art as the mediator for a worthwhile and necessary conversation between each individual who encounters it. By choosing unconventional sites for the creation of his art, and involving those spaces in intimate and challenging critiques, Biancoshock infers his questioning more seriously towards society and the centrally politicised - perhaps overly polished - contemporary art world.

The full array of Bianoshock’s projects can be found at

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